Classic Yet Modern Accesssories from Wheelmen & Co

1-Wheelmen Scout_Camo Duffle 2-001Appreciating the superior quality of goods from times past, Wheelmen & Co. makes American-made canvas and leather travel bags, backpacks, and other accessories that are as durable as they are beautiful.

If you shop for vintage clothes or housewares, you’ve undoubtedly noticed the allure of older items is not just a matter of style, but also of quality. Far fewer items are made in the US now than in years past, with a noticeable decline in quality and increase in disposability. Meanwhile, so-called luxury items bearing a label that reads “Made in France” or “Made in Italy” are often made in Asian factories, then finished in European countries, so it’s refreshing to find a line of fashion accessories made in the US.

All of LA-based Wheelmen & Co’s durable goods are American-made. They marry classic lines with modern appeal in pieces that are rugged enough to serve as luggage, yet elegant enough to carry to an office if need be. Every piece has a limited lifetime warranty.

Their backpacks are not your everyday pack. Each one features a structured, modern shape with a body made of pure waxed cotton, top grain leather accent pieces, and interior laptop pocket.

1-Wheelmen Scout_Camo DuffleI had the chance to take the Scout Series “Red Collection” Camo Duffle on a test run and was very impressed. The exterior combines herringbone twill (developed for the military during WWII) in very-now camouflage print with heavyweight black duck canvas, while the handles, zipper pulls, and tabs are all made of top grain leather. The handles are long enough to sling over your shoulder.

The bag is lined in a heavyweight orange material, which is not just vibrant and durable, but also practical, as most of your possessions promise to stand out against it. The interior has one large zippered pocket, more than large enough for an iPad, and four smaller pockets well-sized for cell phones, iPods, etc. The bag feels good to carry, and is functional yet fashionable. Find out how to purchase these modern, built-to-last accessories that reflect Wheelmen’s slogan: “Classic Tailoring: Modern Function.”

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