A documentary look at billionaire Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, Videocracy exposes a country’s de facto rule-by-television.

Filmmaker Erik Gandini interviews members of Berlusconi’s media militia, revealing how the world leader has developed a built-in public-relations task force by controlling nearly all of Italy’s news outlets. Berlusconi’s trusted friend, talent agent and “grand puppeteer” Lele Mora, openly praises Mussolini’s erstwhile influence, just as his thuggish, one-time protégé — rogue paparazzo Fabrizio Corona — uncovers the system’s flaws.

Meanwhile, Ricky Canevali, a mechanic and aspiring Jean-Claude van Damme/Ricky Martin hybrid, is revealed as a casualty of the nation’s obsession with celebrity.

Visit Videocracy‘s official website, and learn about the Italian government’s censorship of the film.


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