Teysha’s Tantalizing Fall Footwear: Fashion With a Purpose

In an age when fashion usually means factories and the garment trade is suspect, it’s nice to know there’s a footwear line that goes against the grain and puts a positive spin on outer coverings for the feet — from sandals and flats, to riding boots and booties. Working closely with artisans in Latin America, Teysha creates an unbelievable line of unique designs that are unlike anything else you’re going to see, guaranteeing random compliments on the streets.

Teysha Sandals run $90. For Fall, the Atlas Riding Boot ($275-$350) is available in a variety of handwoven textiles and a number of different leather colors, and the classically simple El Botine ($210) comes in four different leather colors as well. But our favorite by far is the Peace Boot ($200-$290), which is also available in an assortment of textiles and different leather colors, yielding a range of footwear designs that’s a veritable fashion rainbow for the feet.

The best part? With Teysha, artisans earn a sustainable living while being able to preserve local culture through design. The company also allows fashion-savvy buyers all over the world to design their own shoes, choosing from a variety of colorful textiles and different colors of leather to make custom creations that are practically one-of-a-kind.

Teysha’s mission is clear: “The journey begins with the roots of our global heritage; from the textiles whose inspiration reaches back to ancient mythology, the rich bio-diversity of our planet, and deep rooted practices to the art of shoemaking which has evolved from humanity’s relationship to the land, cattle, and an ever evolving sense of style that ebbs and flows through the generations. Each shoe tells the story of artists, farmers, ranchers, craftspeople, entrepreneurs, designers, and every one of us that puts a shoe on each day.”

Fashion without the guilt, period.

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