Street-Art T-Shirts Get a Kick-Start

A while back, we heard someone joke that everyone in Los Angeles is an aspiring DJ or street artist. It isn’t not true, but LA street artists do take their work very seriously. A lot of their art is recognizable and ubiquitous, but the artists themselves are far from receiving the recognition, accolades, and wealth that some people think they have. Maximillian Gallery is helping their cause by starting a Kickstarter campaign to bring their work to the masses via limited edition art t-shirts. Says Maximillian Gallery founder, Caradoc:

We are asking for your help to help us take these street artists to a new level. The idea is to quickly ramp-up production and distribution of limited edition T-Shirts that will be available in the gallery, on our website, and in stores, in order to bring this art to the people who love it!

So far the list of artists covers DeeKay, Septerhed, Felix, Smear, Gregos, and Listak. The Kickstarter and full details are here, and you’ll find a gallery of shirts below.







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