Street Art, Sesame Style

Sesame Street is the inspiration behind a unique two-day art exhibition at LA’s Known Gallery, with proceeds going toward the City of Hope‘s Department of Pediatrics.

The beloved children’s TV program has collaborated with sports-gear supplier, Neff Headwear, and The Seventh Letter, a collective of the world’s leading artists working in fine art, photography, graphic design, graffiti, tattoo art, sculpture, and music.

The show cleverly merges childhood nostalgia with contemporary urban design, featuring around 50 works of art ranging from $200 all the way up to $8000 apiece.

Sales benefit a good cause, but if you can’t afford to invest in art at the moment, consider picking up a Sesame Street-inspired t-shirt from The Sesame Street series by Neff Headwear, available online June 1. They’re only $22.

In the meantime, check out some pictures and a video from the Sesame Street show right here.


Madsteez for Sesame Street @ Known Gallery from TheSeventhLetter on Vimeo.

“Sesame Street Kids” by Rime. Photo is of the artist (right) and his brother (left) ca. 1979
“Sesame Street System” by Augustine Kofie
“Joseph vs. Nostalgia” by Rime
“Oscar the Ween Grouch” by Madsteez : Mark Paul Deren
“Cookie Monster” by Todd Bratrud
“Count” by Pose
Artwork by Jamie Oliver
The Sesame Street series by Neff Headwear
The Sesame Street series by Neff Headwear
The Sesame Street series by Neff Headwear
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