‘Maron’ Premieres on IFC

Maron_2Marc Maron’s brand of comedy comes from much of his own life, where he mines his own failings, anxieties, and experiences to craft a comedy style uniquely his own. In addition to entertaining audiences with his trademark stand-up routine, Maron has written The Jerusalem Syndrome (2001), appeared on talk shows, and broadcasted on Air America. He’s since become known for his wildly popular podcast, WTF with Marc Maron. The hardworking and hilarious comic now has his very own eponymous show on IFC, airing Fridays at 10pm EST. We had a sneak peek at the first three episodes and were lucky enough to catch up with the gifted comic himself to discuss Maron, both the man and the show.

IFC's MaronAfter seeing the first three episodes, our biggest question was whether Maron was using the show as a form of self-therapy, given that he’s so openly neurotic. Are his onscreen relationship struggles and massive self-doubt something he hopes will help him in his personal life?

“I don’t know that I saw that as therapy. I saw these as stories that I think — it’s always hard for me to know, until lately, that the life I’m living is not that rarified. These issues are issues that happen with all of us, to some degree. At least some of us have these feelings….

“The actual effect I’m hoping is not the opposite of what you’re suggesting, which is that I’ve picked open a wound of some kind….

“So I think these are just – the way the stories are structured, I think they’re to show what ultimately is the truth of that, is that no matter what these conversations are, I have to deal with my side of it. These people have obviously — either they’re not going to change or they’ve moved on with their lives. If it’s anything, it’s a mild exorcism of my own infantile feelings.”


IFC’s Maron airs Friday nights at 10pm EST.

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