HuMn Wallets

HuMn_Wallet_Mini blackThe HuMn Mini Wallet may look basic, but don’t be fooled. It’s a metal wallet about the size of a credit card, with a powerful shock strap holding everything in place. HuMn is small enough to elude the world’s best professional pickpockets from getting their hands on your cash, not to mention all your sensitive info. And the sleek, colorful, and fully customizable aluminum plates also prevent electronic theft by shielding credit cards from RFID “skimming” as well. Thanks to a kickass Kickstarter campaign, these amazing little wallets can finally be yours, too — and at $75 a pop, they’re actually worth it.

HuMn_Wallet_Mini_3 together

HuMn_Wallet_Mini_red with case

HuMn_Wallet_Mini neon pink

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