Dogs On the Catwalk ‘For Dogs Sake’ by The London Police

President Obama was just in Los Angeles as part of his reelection campaign, his very presence causing citywide congestion that made LA traffic even more obnoxious than usual. As a result, most people just stayed home to watch football, but a few other crazies braved the streets to see The London Police.

By “The London Police,” I don’t mean those English bobbies with batons and silly hats — I mean a pair of UK street artists who call themselves The London Police: Bob Gibson and a guy named Chaz. They make large-scale murals featuring bubble-headed figures they call LADS. They also love dogs.


In a “late-afternoon extravaganza of dog-themed art, fashion, film, and music” at The Dragonfly, The London Police gave us a glimpse into their art show at Corey Helford Gallery in Culver City, For Dogs Sake. First, they introduced their mind-bogglingly surreal short “dogumentary” with fellow street artist Chinny Bond while dressed in bad wigs, giant sunglasses, and too-tight shirts. One of them even had a neck brace. Then came the all-dog fashion show featuring four-legged friends courtesy of the Animal Actors Sweet Sunshine agency. The dogs modeled 13 different custom dog-jackets designed by international street artists, all of which are for sale (the jackets, not the dogs). Proceeds benefit animal charities like All the Same, Wild and Tame and Retrievers and Friends of Southern California.

Finally, following the all-doggie fashion show, the TLP Dog Singers came out on stage to sing a medley of incredibly stupid but no less catchy dog-anthems. Songs include such gems as “Fat Dog,” “Snow Dog,” “Chinese Dog,” “Albanian Dog,” and “Kentucky Fried Dog.” Lucky for you, they’re all available to download for free. And if you happen to have one of man’s best friends drooling around, consider buying one of these awesome one-of-a-kind dog jackets from Corey Helford Gallery. You know, For Dogs Sake.

“Dog Skin” by D*Face (United Kingdom) Ostrich leather, fake fur, spray paint, and acrylic / $1000

“Galocanina” by Galo (Italy) Hand-pulled screen print with soy organic washable ink / $800

“Dog Jacket” by Jeremy Fish (USA) Felt / $300

“And Now You’re Eating Plates of Meat” by Logan Hicks (USA) Aerosol and glitter / $250

“Prisma” by Maoma (Italy) Mixed-media / $499

“Crack Candy” by Minivila (Croatia) Mixed-media / $150

“Don’t Be Boring” by Ovni (Spain) Mixed-media / $399

“Dog Face” by Raymond Lemstra (Netherlands) Acrylic paints and pens / $150

“Dog Save the Queen” by Shepard Fairey (USA) Screen print and aerosol / $1000

“Stay Tuff New York” by The London Police (United Kingdom) Hand-pulled screen print / $200

“McSuperdog” by The London Police (United Kingdom) Hand-pulled screen print / $200

“Triple Doubledog Madness” by The London Police (United Kingdom) Hand-pulled screen print / $200

“Doggylamb” by Ace for Hemp Hoodlamb (USA) Hemp / $299

‘For Dogs Sake’ by The London Police opens Saturday, October 13 from 7-10pm and continues through November 3 at Corey Helford Gallery (8522 Washington Boulevard, Culver City, CA 90232; Tuesday-Saturday, 12-6pm). For more info, call 310-287-2340 or visit

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