Album Review: Fil OK’s “Electropolis”

Producer and composer Fil OK is releasing a new album, Electropolis, and you can listen and watch exceptionally gorgeous videos for the singles “Saint Earth,” “Fly My Bird,” “Lover’s Cove,” and the glittering anthem “Planetize” right now on his YouTube channel. The videos use color-saturated images of nature and nostalgic computer animation to really take one back to the heady days of “music television” being a real thing. But of course it’s the songs themselves that are on spotlight. Electropolis presents a full slate of tracks pursuing surreal, sexy, and poetic up-beats with a sultry bounce. Hook-laden and dripping in sweet, synthy syrup, the songs can also be just the right bit raw, at times flirting with an edgy, thinking-person’s groove. “Robot chanteuse” Candide’s futuristic vocals with torchy glitches and more than a little post-modern cheek infuse the tracks with a high-fashion awkwardness that crescendos and retreats in hypnotic, fractal rhythms. A very bright album, infinitely listenable.


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