Get Addicted to Doug Benson’s ‘Gateway Doug’

jn8m_DougBensonGatewayDougsmOver the course of the last six years, professional stand-up stoner Doug Benson has recorded a new album on the exact same date each year: 4/20. His newest is no exception. Gateway Doug from aspecialthing records was recorded live in San Francisco on 4/20/13 — Benson’s second album to be recorded in SF — and as usual, it’s full of booze-and-weed-fueled non sequiturs, like Benson’s observations on the similarities between the film Ice Castles and NASA’s “flying saucer.” Benson’s in full form with tracks such as “High at Work,” “Sex Poll,” and “Meth You Up,” getting all meta and shit with allusions to the actual recording of the CD. Gateway Doug is a perfect storytelling friend to have around on a stoney summer afternoon, and since Doug Benson’s currently on tour, you can pretend he’s giving you a private performance in your very own living room.

Get info on Benson’s tour dates and listen to his Doug Loves Movies podcast on Benson’s website, where you can also get the lowdown on Benson’s other projects as well, including his aptly titled film, The Greatest Movie Ever Rolled.


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