Dante’s Circles of Hell Created in LEGO

Whenever someone invokes one of Dante’s nine circles of Hell, it’s usually along the lines of being stuck in traffic, mired in debt, or cohabiting with someone they’re not too fond of. Taking the original situations, Romanian artist Mihai Marius Mihu, has created a fun series of LEGO sculptures to represent each level of Hell for the 2011 MocOlympics. While the scenes are visually fun, their whimsical material cannot hide the fact that each circle is a place no one would want to be. Perhaps that hour stuck in traffic is better than being stuck in anything Dante could imagine.

I. Limbo
II. Lust
III. Gluttony
IV. Greed
V. Anger
VI. Heresy
VII. Violence
VIII. Fraud
IX. Treachery


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