The Artistic View of Christopher Conn Askew [NSFW]

Christopher Conn Askew is an artist with no formal training who worked as a tattoo artist from 1990 until 2006, when he gave up his tattoo machines to focus on mediums other than skin. We showed a piece of his work on our Facebook page not too long ago, and thought he deserved more than that. While his website is undergoing contruction, his tumblr page offers a glimpse of his artwork, and possibly some evidence that he’s gone back to tattooing for the moment. While the images below are just a taste of how incredible his artwork is, a quick Google image search shows how prevalent his artistic presence is.

“Pull The Blinds”


“No Golden Years”

“La Penitente”

“B A B A L O N”


“A Teardrop and a Flame”


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