Burning Man Streaming Out of the Desert

It’s that time of the year again, when lunatics converge on the Black Rock Desert in northern Nevada to take part in Burning Man. The event includes every aspect of art, but recently, its detractors say it’s sold out to the establishment, becoming too exclusive and/or nothing but a money-grab. While those claims may hold true, we usually find that those kinds of criticisms are just sour grapes. Fun is what you make of it, and if your idea of fun is to spend some time broiling in the desert, watching interpretive dances and mutant cars — while paying for it — we say disregard the naysayers and go for it. On the off chance you can’t make it, here’s a livestream of the event to catch all the antics. Our tip is to keep it open in a separate tab and check back frequently, as the view for us has tended to be either Road Warrior-like desert traffic or, just one time so far, a naked lady. Good luck and happy viewing!

Live streaming by Ustream

Photo Credit to Ron Lewis/AP


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