Balls of Steel: Drink for a Cause

Not many people are eager to talk about testicular cancer these days. But one company, OriginalBOS, is shouting “testicles!” as loudly as possible.

OriginalBOS, founded in 2011 after CEO Grant Vollmer’s friend was misdiagnosed, aims to open a national conversation about the realities of testicular cancer by introducing products like Balls of Steel whiskey chillers that incite laughs, furrowed brows and a few questions. 15% of all profits also goes directly to funding cure research at the MD Anderson Cancer Center.

Approximately 8000 men are expected to be diagnosed with testicular cancer — which is most common in ages 24 to 30 years old — this year according to the National Cancer Institute. While testicular cancer has one of the highest survival rates of any cancer, it can quickly spread throughout the body if not caught soon enough. Thousands of men each year ignore the signs of testicular cancer out of embarrassment, fear, or shame, leading to a increased health risks.

That’s where OriginalBOS wants to change things. The company doesn’t simply state its cause on a box: it makes you talk about it.

Whether giving Balls of Steel as a gift, swirling them around in your own beautifully aged whiskey, or sporting a Keep it Straight Up T-shirt, OriginalBOS encourages its customers to get involved in the fight by offering up some real statistics rather than a website URL. But beyond the products, the company constantly encourages survivors and their friends and family to join its awareness campaign through any means available, including sharing personal stories.

If it means telling your friends some stats; encouraging your family members, significant other, or best friends to self-check; or just talking honestly with someone about the fear of being diagnosed, it all makes an impact. OriginalBOS just offers a light-hearted way to approach it.



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