Apple of Your Eye, or Just Apple Clothing?

Before Steve Jobs became famous for his signature black turtleneck and 501s, Apple tried its hand at a unique line of custom clothing.

Dating all the way back to 1986, these photos show how the company was once just as interested in getting into your closet as it was about getting on to your laptop.



At $1100, this sailboard cost almost as much as your first Mac, only now, it’s more collectible.
Don’t mess with these brats. In 25 years, they’ll be your managers.
Forget brass tacks. These duds come with “brass snaps instead of buttons.” Oh, snap.
Nothing spells “team spirit” like a corduroy baseball hat. Luckily for you, you’re not a team player. You’re a misfit, a rebel, a troublemaker.
“After a rough day windsurfing, the Apple sweatshirt is just the thing.” No, we didn’t make that up.
“Tennis, anyone?” No, thanks.
Careful, these white-bread, milquetoast republicans will kick your ass…. on the SATs.


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